Greetings from Giza

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JR and HENI are delighted to announce that holders of Greetings from Giza NFTs can claim a unique piece of the original installation in Giza until 3pm BST 30 August 2022. Each NFT can be used to claim 1 installation piece and postcard. If the NFT has already been used for claiming, it can't be used again. Please check the individual NFT pages on HENI ( to see if the NFT has been used for claiming.

Greetings from Giza is the first NFT collection by JR. For the first time, the enigmatic artist is able to make ephemeral art persist through the use of NFTs. On October 21 2021, the project launched with the installation of a large-scale public work in Giza, Egypt. In line with the years since this historic monument was constructed in 2570 BC, the artwork has been divided into 4,591 Greetings from Giza NFTs, each showing a unique detail of the work.

The collection was launched on the Palm blockchain, a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs connected to Ethereum.

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