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Shinsei Galverse is a collection of 8,888 Gals shooting across space and time to bring a project of peace to all cultures and people.
WAGMAA - we're gonna make an anime! Join the team in Tokyo as we set out to turn Shinsei Galverse into a real anime production. Have your say in the story, art, and development direction of Shinsei Galverse!
Inspired by nostalgic showa-era anime. Made with love by Emi, Ayaka, Devin, & Jack.
Visit [galverse.art](https://galverse.art) for more details.

Eclaire PorrimaShinseiGalverse
Kaisley MnemeShinseiGalverse
Jacqueline EuropaShinseiGalverse
Amaya ThreadShinseiGalverse
Hilmoja SolsticeShinseiGalverse
Fumiko OkuninushiShinseiGalverse
Julianne ZettaShinseiGalverse
Tryxie UbumeShinseiGalverse
Crystal SpiralShinseiGalverse
Mire FortunaShinseiGalverse
Norma FairchildShinseiGalverse
Emi SatelliteShinseiGalverse
Devin DimensionShinseiGalverse
Kashun Magu-MarzioShinseiGalverse
Ambrosia AdharaShinseiGalverse
Asma AchillesShinseiGalverse
Sophi FairchildShinseiGalverse
Jaime KesslerShinseiGalverse