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Owning a Silks Avatar is required to earn prizes in Game of Silks. Game of Silks is a Web3 fantasy sports game that promotes collaboration between racehorse owners, horse farms, and land developers to optimize rewards and offset risk in the high-stakes world of thoroughbred horseracing. Each year 20,000 thoroughbred racehorses are born in the U.S. and compete annually for over $1 Billion in prizes. Silks clones each horse into a collectible NFT. Owning a Silks racehorse is like drafting a fantasy football player except you really own the ‘player’ for its entire 20+ year life. You can create a syndicate to share its ownership with others, stable your horse in a farm to pool your winnings with others, and sell it any time. Win valuable prizes whenever the underlying IRL horse wins races and breeds. Players also earn valuable rewards by developing land into horse farms that operate as gamified businesses.

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