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Welcome to Stack City! A ground-breaking initiative focused on creating long-lasting utility by using our own custom protocol; "Stackocity"

There are 3,000 homes in Stack city, each with 5-10 rooms. Each room contains untold wonders & all will be unlockable as we move through our roadmap.

Each room will be a stakeable asset, yielding its own individual utility. By using the "Stackocity" Protocol, once all rooms are unlocked, it will be possible to stack them all together and stake as 1 single asset. This, using our custom protocol, will allow for never-before seen staking utility.

Full Reveal will take place on October 22 at 1:00 PM Central. Once reveal is complete, Holder-Only Discord will open. All necessary instruction and guidance on how to use the "Stackocity" protocol (and any other aspects of the project ) will be provided to holders in Discord.

Once Discord is operational, we will host a series of holder-only giveaways. Free Mint. 2 x wallet