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I realized it’s time to give back to yall after supporting me so far over the past 20 years as DJ and Music producer so much. So, I created a new song with my longtime friend Gianni N to offer you something new and a new ways to participate in our music works but create now profits too. ​

This song is available as NFT on Coinbase in the form of 10 000 images of the created art cover. You can listen and download the song for free on my website www.terrylex.com/saveme and I hope you gonna like it.

Only those who own the art cover in the blockchain, own legally the song as an MP3 file and can do commercially and non commercially what they want with it. The art cover is the proof of ownership.

Read about value and benefits for NFT holders: www.terrylex.com

Terry Lex & Gianni N - Save Me
Terry Lex & Gianni N - Save Me
Terry Lex & Gianni N - Save MeTerry Lex & Gianni N - Save Me
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