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This is the future of music. "in the year 3045, creative expression was scarce. we learned that influencing each other gave everyone a voice. it saved us in the darkest of times." - angelbaby (Hume metastar) The Hume Genesis is your key to entering the Hume ecosystem and becoming one of the most influential members of The Hume Collective. With a supply of only 1035 tokens split across 3 tiers of rarity, Hume Genesis NFTs will give you different levels of power to shape the lives and music of our metastars, including the world’s first metastar, angelbaby. As a holder, you will join us in the fight against the oppressive Xani Republic and enter “The Spot,” a token-gated platform where you will be a part of decisions, experiences, exclusive drops and the redemption of your free mints for all season 1 metastar genesis NFTs. And that’s just the beginning… This is how we build an open metaverse, free from the tyranny of the Xani Republic. We are hume. We are many.