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Fight Back Apes Presale + Atari Attributes

Oct 5, 7:00 PM GMT

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The apes have been oppressed for too long, and now they’re fighting back! Fight Back Apes is a community-driven NFT comeback project created to “fight back” against one of the most historic rug pulls in NFT history: Evolved Apes.

Don’t miss this exclusive pre-sale chance to secure an Atari attribute for your Fight Back Ape avatar. Atari's attributes include some of the most iconic hardware and games from Atari, including cartridges, joysticks, and t-shirts.

How the presale works:

On October 5, users can buy their Atari x Fight Back Apes Attribute NFT with a guaranteed Atari attribute. Holders will receive a Fight Back Apes Mint Pass for the main drop (on October 21st)

On October 7, the Atari attribute will reveal.

On October 21, existing Atari attribute holders will receive an NFT representation of their Fight Back Apes Mint Pass. On the same day, the Fight Back Apes Mint Pass collection is dropping on Coinbase!

On October 26, holders can claim their Fight Back Ape through the claim terminal. When they use their Mint Pass and Atari attribute to claim, they will receive an ape guaranteed to have their owned trait.

All Fight Back Ape Trait NFTs are hyper-realistically rendered 3D art on the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll find branded props from some of the biggest players in crypto security and gaming and the perfect fit for your future avatar.

The Fight Back Apes collection drops Friday, October 21. Join the fight and the community today with one of these pre-sale attributes!