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Fight Back Apes

Nov 18, 8:00 PM GMT

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Mint Passes can now be used to create and customize your apes! Head over to once you have your passes!

There is a buzz in the air that is causing a stir among the apes. Change is coming. Will you be a part of it?

The Fight Back Apes collection is a community-driven NFT comeback project created to “fight back” against one of the biggest rug pulls in NFT history: Evolved Apes. Daz 3D and the Fight Back Apes community have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind collection of hyper-realistically rendered PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain to return value to the rugged community and bring new apes into the fight.

Buy your Fight Back Apes Mint Pass, which you can use to claim and customize a Fight Back Ape NFT the week of November 28th, on the claim terminal. Follow the Daz 3D Discord for all the information leading up to claim day.

Fight Back Apes come with tons of utility including:

  • Fully-rigged 3D files of your Ape
  • Five (5) Fight Back Apes NFTs entitles you to a mint access pass for select future Daz collections
  • Daz 3D exclusive rewards including premium assets
  • Become your Ape with ARKit face tracking
  • Ape Staking - Receive a token for XP growth with added benefits
  • Earn up to $800 worth of Daz asset bundles
  • Sign up for a Reimagine AI brain for your avatar
  • Creation of a comic book

The apes have a wide range of personalities, created from a collection of hundreds of possible traits including fur color, eye color, eyewear, eye expression, mouth expression, headwear, face enhancement, top, piercing, jewelry, prop, background, and poses, allowing holders to convey one-of-a-kind digital identities.

With over 20 years of experience in the 3D space, Daz 3D produces some of the highest-quality characters around, and this collection is no different. Each Fight Back Ape has been meticulously crafted by some of the most talented artists in the space to create stunning apes with photo-realistic features, from fur to eyes to teeth. You’ll even find traits from some of the biggest brands in crypto security and gaming.

Now’s your chance to be a part of the greatest comeback story the NFT space has ever seen. Will you join the fight?