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Scaredy Cubits

Oct 31, 7:00 PM GMT

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A spooky deal for Halloween! Scaredy Cubits What Scares You will be priced at 0.013ETH!

Plus these scary little fellas will be going into The Sandbox! Voxel files and Sandbox integration is coming!

From the creators of the smash sellout collection Scaredy Cubits Genesis comes the next generation of Cubits!

Daz 3D and 3D art guru Misoo are back with Scaredy Cubits: What Scares You? These little Cubits are showing you exactly why they’re scared to bits.

The 3,131 NFT PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain have been so spooked by otherworldly ghouls, goblins, wraiths, and witches that they have turned into what they fear. Maybe it’s a curse. Perhaps it’s armor, or a second skin earned by facing what scares them most.

So ask yourself, what scares you? And if you don’t watch out, you too might become precisely what you fear!