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Nov 16, 8:00 PM GMT

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Starborn is the First NFT for Future Astronauts!

Space+ is excited to announce one Starborn holder will join Astronaut Sian Proctor at NASA's Kennedy Space Center for an upcoming ZeroG weightlessness training. To date, Space+ has flown 12 community members in ZeroG, selected 5 community members to train as astronauts, and is sending one community member to space on an upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard Mission.

Additional Community Benefits for Starborn Holders:

  • Space-flown items: Each Starborn PFP will be printed and flown in space during Space+'s upcoming spaceflight with Blue Origin. The holder at the time the capsule crosses the Karman line will receive the opportunity to claim the physical, space-flown copy of their Starborn PFP.

  • Events (including Art Basel Miami 2022): The Starborn community will have opportunities to attend Space+ events including its upcoming event at Art Basel Miami 2022 and the Space+5 astronaut training at the University of Arizona's Biosphere2.

  • Space missions & experiences: All Space+ astronauts are selected and trained from the Space+ community (Note: Only Launch Pass holders will be eligible to apply to be selected for a Space+ astronaut class).

  • Apparel drops from Top Brands: Starborn NFTs with the Space+ logo will have access to receive Space+ apparel from top brands.

  • Long-Term Trajectory: Space+'s upcoming project on the International Space Station will provide Starborn members access to purchase assets physically located in space & orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes. Starborn members will also gain access to IRL space events including Yuri's Night, ZeroG flights, rocket launches, and our recently released Moonport miniverse.

Membership Discounts & Affiliate Programs:

  • Starborn members will receive 10% off on ZeroG flights. Valued over approximately $800 in savings. Additional perks will be announced soon!
  • Jump Limitless VR experience discounts: 25% off VR wingsuit experiences.
  • Oura Ring affiliate program (details coming soon!). -Additional discount programs will be announced soon!

Learn more about the Starborn utility and lore at:

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